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I don’t use the term Coach, rather, I consider myself a GuideEMPOWERING you TO uncover YOUR HIGHEST SELF.


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My Mission

My mission is to support visionaries in the Music & Entertainment industry who seek to positively influence society, culture, and the music industry itself on a large scale. 

I draw on a mix of methodologies to empower my clients and teach a unique ‘core foundation approach’ to navigating life in the music business.

My Vision

I see a society in which the arts and artists are nurtured, values, and recognized as the barometer of the cultural and spiritual health-wealth of society.

I see a music industry and education system in which artists are empowered with the knowledge and skills to create a strategic framework in which they are ultimately able to support themselves financially. 

I see a music industry that financially empowers and sustains artists who are its very life blood.

I see a music industry in which artists and particularly women are not used to maintain and spread outdated patriarchal mores and values. 

I see a music industry steeped in the principles of: community, co:operative structure, transparency, principles, economic justice & empowerment.

I see a music industry that fairly represents the variety and depths of the human experience on this planet.

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Services & Programs


Your image (how others perceive you) is your Brand. 

Your audience, which can consist of (clients, fans, other artists or musicians, press, labels, galleries, managers, dealers) want to know who you are and feel inspired to support you.

To be successful in Marketing your Brand, an artist led business needs to empower themselves with a deep understanding of who they are, and what they uniquely have to offer.

Additionally, an artist led business should intuitively understand how to strategically communicate according to the audience or intended recipient of your communication. Structuring and setting goals, scheduling projects, releases, tours or shows requires foresight, direction, knowledge and applied skill.


We’ll dive deep into your inner artistic world, and work together to build a solid understanding of who you are as an Artist.

By defining and exploring the intersections between your artistic Identity, Core Values, and Mission-Purpose, an artist led brand is strategically positioned for long-term career success.


We’ll dive into customized processes and tactics that guarantee your Artist led Brand authentically stands out in the jungle of content and social media.


Ongoing 1:1 support to Artist led Brands and Solo Entrepreneurs.


A customized 10 day process that supports artists in the following:

1. Deeply understanding of your unique Purpose and Artistic Mission.

2. Defining and effectively reaching and strategically growing your desired Target Audience.


LAUNCHING JULY 2019. The Roundtable is a 12 week Artist Branding and Career Counseling program that’s presently in development.

This program will also be designed to travel to your your school, university, or institution as a weekly or monthly pop-up event.

(For more information on how to participate and apply for the July 2019 Demo launch visit The Roundtable).

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Petal Largie developed her unique intuitive coaching style via years of professional work in Fashion Trend Forecasting, Consumer Insights, and Journalism. Additionally she cut-her-teeth first hand in the Music Industry, landing in Europe in her early twenties as one of the few self-managed- female- woman of color- DJ’s, amassing an impressive gig list which includes headlining in 8 countries to date. Current industry workshop clients include: Innervision Records, Ritchie Hawtin’s Social Media Team, and Stil vor Talent (amongst others).

Her official music industry forays include; working with legendary artist manager Danny Goldberg (Nirvana, Stevie Nicks, etc.), interning in the booking division of Blue Note Entertainment Group (NYC), and pioneering an innovative YouTube Channel and video based blog for the musician Peaches (XL Recordings).

No stranger to managing and producing nights in New York City in her early DJ career, once landing in Berlin circa ’99-10′, Largie curated memorable club nights with then, up-and-coming artists; Peaches (XL Recordings), Dixon (Innervisions), Alex Barack (Jazzanova), Boris (Panorama Bar), Jamie Lidell, Mocky (Feist’s Producer), and Gonzales, to name a few.

Largie is also a consummate ‘Creator’, i.e. Vocal Artist, DJ, Music Journalist, and Event Curator: As a DJ, she’s headlined major festivals and venues in: Germany, Switzerland, Israel, the US, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, and Italy, is featured on the W Hotels DJ Mix App, and has held residencies at New York City’s: Ace Hotel, Sleep No More, and the W Hotel Union Square.

Largie has also curated background music for fashion shows, and restaurants as far afield as Bali, Indonesia and Soho, New York.

Additionally, she’s hosted and produced a 17 episode podcast on iTunes called Metropolitan Ave. Radio, which features interviews from top New York City Music Executives who address, in plain language how independent artists can best position themselves for success. 

Largie also produces and curates Immersive Theater Events the last installation – Bowie in Berlin: based on David Bowie’s three formative years living in in the German capital. She is presently working on a live show founded in the practice of Sound Healing which features dance, DJ’ing, and live original music.

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