Music Pool Berlin: Branding Basics for Artists and Musicians Pt. 2

Where: Music Pool Berlin Warschauer Str. 70A Berlin, Germany

When: Pt. 2 Friday May 18, 2018 14-18uhr


Workshop Goal: 

You will leave the workshop understanding who you are (as a brand), and how to communicate this consistently through text and visual (art/graphics/color) language.

Learning Objectives:

Craft a vision and purpose statement. Examine the core pillars/principles of your brand/work. Create a style guide for your brand.


Give life to your creativity! Explore and deepen the definition of who you are as an artist. We’ll start by creating a vision statement, examine why you do what you do, and define your desired or target audience. You’ll leave with a ‘map’ of who you are as an artist, in addition to a Style Guide ~ concrete map of how to communicate your ‘creative identity or brand’ consistently.

Please bring your laptop, journal, and drawing tools: colored pencils, markers, etc.

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