Huckletree: B Seen B Heard B Understood: How to Craft the Right Message for Your Target Audience- Everytime

Where: Huckletree (Shoreditch)  18 Finsbury Square, Finsbury, London, EC2A 1AH, UK

When: Friday, May 24th, 2019.  10am-2pm

Price: £99.00 (£104.74 w/service fee)

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This Workshop is For

Innovators, Creative and Sustainable Business Entrepreneurs


4 hours

Are you struggling to communicate your businesses value?

Deepen your marketing messages by understanding who you are and what you uniquely have to offer, which empowers you to create messaging for your target audience thats on point- every time.

This is not an Introduction. We’ll dive deep!

This Workshop is For
Innovators, Creative and Sustainable Business Entrepreneurs

Workshop Goal

You will leave the workshop understanding:

1. If you’ve dug deep enough whilst establishing your company’s: Identity, Core Values, and Mission.

2. How to research and connect authentically with your target audience by giving life to your company’s unique mission

3. How to craft compelling messages that speak Truth to the value you bring to your clients and audience.

Learning Objectives
Uncover your business Identity and unleash your USP. Learn the fundamentals of Target Audience Research. Use this knowledge to build compelling and authentic marketing and sales copy that get’s to the heart of the point.

This workshop is designed to dive deep into your ‘Why’ as a company or business owner.
You’ll leave this 4 hour journey with a map of who you are as a company and where you are heading long-term, in addition to a concrete understanding of how to communicate the core value of your businesses’ Products and Services.


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