Music Pool Berlin: Artist Branding for Music (Intensive)

Where: Music Pool Berlin Revelar str. 99, Tor 2  (House of Music. Halle 20) Berlin, Germany

When: Pt. 1 & 2 Monday & Tuesday June 17-18, 2019 14-18 uhr


This Workshop is For: 

Independent Artists, Musicians, or Bands, (w/less than 5 years experience in the Industry), who do their own Management, Marketing, and Booking.

*If you’re an established Industry professional; Artist, Label, Manager, Booking Agent, etc. seeking guidance on this topic, please contact Eileen Möller ( to schedule a private 1:1 consultation).


Day 1 – 4 hours

Day 2 – 4 hours

Workshop Goal:

You will leave the workshop understanding deeply, who you are as an Artist and a Brand, and how to communicate this consistently through; a. visual (art/graphics/logo/color) language, b. in your Marketing (Social Media) communications, and all of your formal c. business communications (booking emails, label and management inquires).

Learning Objectives:

Uncover your Artistic Identity and Core Values or Pillars. Craft a Vision and purpose statement. Create a Style Guide for your brand.


This workshop is designed to dive deep into your inner artistic world. We’ll start by examining the ancient historical and societal role of the Artist, how music functions, and why it is so important to humanity. Next, we’ll give life to your creativity and explore the intersections between artistic identity and purpose; examining your Identity, Core Values, and Mission as an Artist.

You’ll leave this two day journey with a solid understanding of who you are as an Artist, in addition to a Style Guide ~  concrete map of how to communicate your ‘creative identity or brand’ consistently.

Please bring: your laptop, journal or plenty of paper, and drawing tools: colored pencils, markers, etc. and a well-rested and focused mind.


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