Reeperbahn Festival 2019: Industry Panel

Where: Reeperbahn Festival,  Hamburg, Germany. BIMM

When: Saturday, September 21, 2019 10:30-11:30am


I’ll be presenting the central argument from my upcoming book on: Artist Branding for Music:

In this 60 minute conversation with Petal Largie, we’ll address:

  1. What we’re getting wrong, as an Industry
  2. What the ultimate cost is, to the artist, the industry, and society
  3. and how to start to correct this issue

We’ve all seen the highly publicized tension between hi-profile Artists and record labels. This tension is due to the split between the Artists’ personal ‘Self, and the business objectives of the label. You have a person who is maintaining an image they themselves does not fully believe, nor understand how its been created, and least of all been given any practical advice or business skills on how to maintain it. The gap that exists between who the Artist really ‘is’ and what the public perceives (visually) is perhaps the largest source of tension, and the most invaluable piece of value the Branding process offers.

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