My Mission

My mission is to support visionaries in the Music & Entertainment industry who seek to positively influence society, culture, and the music industry itself on a large scale. 

I draw on a mix of methodologies to empower my clients and teach a unique ‘core foundation approach’ to navigating life in the music business.

My Vision

I see a society in which the arts and artists are nurtured, values, and recognized as the barometer of the cultural and spiritual health-wealth of society.

I see a music industry and education system in which artists are empowered with the knowledge and skills to create a strategic framework in which they are ultimately able to support themselves financially. 

I see a music industry that financially empowers and sustains artists who are its very life blood.

I see a music industry in which artists and particularly women are not used to maintain and spread outdated patriarchal mores and values. 

I see a music industry steeped in the principles of: community, co:operative structure, transparency, principles, economic justice & empowerment.

I see a music industry that fairly represents the variety and depths of the human experience on this planet.