Workshop Feedback

Branding Basics for Artists & Music Professionals

Music Pool Berlin – March 2018

“Thanks very much :)”

“This Class has been so far way deeper + beneficial to discover my artist 
identity the I thought it would. Petal is very insightful + able to really 
open people up.”

“Wunderbare Referentin! Inspirierend, sprudelnd, offen. Super wertvolles 
Thema und super Umsetzung. Vielen Danke!”

“Nice & calm attitude, answered questions very well without indoctrinating 
own opinion. Video she showed was not placed at a good time because I wanted 
to stay writing about my core values.”

“This workshop was the best ever.”

“Really nice and wide, really on point!”

“Again, a very good workshop. Highly recommend it.”